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Major and Miner Services


  • Synthetic Auto Oil & Oil filter change
  • Transmission Fluid Check-up
  • Clean Air & A/C Filter
  • Tire inflection check and correction
  • Brakes inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter


  • Coolant Level check-up and Top up
  • Brake Fluid Top up
  • Power Steering Fluid Top up
  • Tire Pressure Check-up
  • Battery Check-up
  • Car Wash


Minor services include a comprehensive health check of your car and advanced diagnostics.


  • Replace Engine Oil Filter and Engine Oil using manufacturer recommended viscosity, fully synthetic engine oil
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Replace-AC cabin Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs


  • Flush old coolant out and refill with new coolant
  • Full-Service Inspection (35point checklist)
  • Check AC gas and refill in necessary
  • Rotate tires if necessary
  • Washing and Vacuum
  • Replace Drive Belt

Other Services